Grand National Sweepstake

Grand National Sweepstakes 2018

The Grand National is the one race of the year where the whole country stops and gets involved so the idea of a sweepstake is a brilliant one. Grand National Sweepstakes have been going on in office blocks and football teams for a number of years now and it is a great way for everyone to be involved no matter how much knowledge they have of the race.

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Latest 2018 Aintree Grand National Win Odds

The idea of a sweepstake is for a group of people, usually in a work place, to each pay 1 and then pick one of the 40 runners for the Grand National out of a hat. This ensures that everyone gets a fair chance of picking out the winner and the people that pick out the first three or finishers will share the prize pot between them. The year's Sweepstake kit is available here through the link below and all 40 runners are featured and can be cut up and placed into that all important Sweepstakes lucky dip.

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Suggested Grand National Sweepstake Prize Breakdown

  • 1st = 60% of prize pot
  • 2nd = 25%
  • 3rd = 10%
  • 4th = 5%

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